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ReStore! ReUse! ReBuild!

The Habitat ReStore is for YOU

  • Looking for a great place to shop for new and used household items this fall?
  • Are there some “to do” items on your home maintenance list that need affordable supplies?
  • Need a place to donate the extra “stuff” you are not using anymore– or have too many of?
  • Let Habitat make your life easier by picking up one, or 100 items from your home or business!
  • Looking for a worthy place to volunteer your time that provides flexible opportunities for your schedule?
  • Are you new to the community and need a fun place to meet people and help others?

Shop Habitat:  Tuesday through Friday 10-6pm Saturday 10-4

Donate to Habitat:  Tuesday through Friday 10-6, Monday and Saturday 10-4, or you can now schedule on-line for our ReStore truck pickup your items!


Donate to Habitat:  Online at cuhabitat.org to help Habitat build strength, stability and self-reliance through simple, decent and affordable shelter!

Volunteer with Habitat:  Stop by our Restore for a 1 hour Volunteer Orientation on any Tuesday 11am or Saturday 9:30am, and help make a difference!

Volunteer with Habitat:  Visit our website cuhabitat.org/volunteer to sign up for a build day that works for your schedule!  No experience required-Habitat provides the instruction and tools for the day!

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