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What is the Process?

Families who participate in the Habitat program are known as Partner Families. To become a Partner Family you will begin by completing a Housing Interest Form. The form will be processed by Habitat. Those families that qualify as Partners will be contacted for an orientation meeting.

After orientation potential Partner Families must complete a Housing Application Form. This form includes detailed information regarding the family’s needs, income and ability to pay. A Habitat staff member or volunteer will be available to assist you with this process.

Once the form has been submitted Applicants go through an extensive screening which includes an interview, a home visit, and credit and employment verifications. This process can take several months.

Once Partner Families have been accepted into the program, the fun begins! While it typically takes 12 to 18 months before a family moves in to their new home, there is a lot to do during that time.

Before being assigned a “build”, Partner Families must:

Perform 250 hours of Sweat Equity. This includes:

  • Free family money management classes
  • Free home maintenance classes
  • 80 hours working in the Habitat ReStore
  • Up to 80 hours Sweat Equity performed by friends and family
  • Other approved Sweat Equity hours such as working on other Habitat build sites, in the Habitat Offices or educational programs

Save money for:

  • $500 down payment
  • Homeowners insurance (approximately $500)
  • Moving expenses such as utility change or setup fees, lease cancellation fees and address change charges

Once a Partner Family is assigned a home build they must:

  • Attend the ground-breaking ceremony
  • Help build their home! They will be on site and working with volunteers throughout the building process
  • Be available for media interviews regarding their experience with Habitat
  • Be center stage for the home dedication and presentation of the keys to their new home

There is no time like the present to get started!

Complete the Home Interest Form

For more information call 217-819-5113

or write to:
Habitat for Humanity
Housing Interest Form Request
119 E. University Ave
Champaign, IL 61820