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What is the Process?

Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County will announce open application periods for our home ownership program on this website. 

Once Habitat homebuyers have been accepted into the program, the fun begins! While it typically takes 12 to 18 months before a family moves in to their new home, there is a lot to do during that time.

Our Homebuyers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Housing Need

A housing need is determined when one or more of the following are met:

  • Unsafe living environment
  • Severely overcrowded space
  • Temporary housing
  • Housing cost is too high for income
  • Inability to qualify for homeownership through other options
  1. Ability to Pay
  • Affordable monthly mortgage payment (includes taxes, and insurance)
  • Have steady income
  • Ability to make a down payment
  • Have no currently or pending defaults, unpaid judgments or liens
  • Have been out of bankruptcy for a least two years
  1. Willingness to Partner with Habitat

When we accept a partner into the Habitat Family, we hope they are as excited about the endeavor as we are. To show their willingness to walk this process with us, we ask our families to:

  • Volunteer at the construction site of their future home or one of their neighbors’ homes
  • Work at the ReStore
  • Attend Homeowner education classes which are designed to help families prepare for home ownership and manage their finances.
  • Accept the design of our homes and live in the neighborhoods which have donated land; we try to match a partner family with the plot that best serves their preferences
  • Be a positive representative of Habitat at all times, you are now one of the smiling faces of our organization, wear it proudly!
  • Contribute to public awareness about Habitat for Humanity and be willing to share your story with the media

Once a Homebuyer is approved, requirements include:


  • Free family money management classes
  • Free home maintenance classes
  • 120 Build Hours
  • 80 hours working in the Habitat ReStore
  • Up to 50 hours Sweat Equity performed by friends and family
  • Other approved Sweat Equity hours such as working on other Habitat build sites, in the Habitat Offices or educational programs


  • Save for down payment
  • Homeowners insurance 
  • Moving expenses such as utility change or setup fees, lease cancellation fees and address change charges


  • Help build their home! They will be on site and working with volunteers throughout the building process developing relationships
  • Be available for media interviews regarding their experience with Habitat
  • Be center stage for the home dedication and presentation of the keys to their new home

Complete the Home Interest Form

For more information call 217-819-5113