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Arica Moss

Arica Moss moved with her three daughters to Rantoul in 2007. She wanted to save money, work on fixing her credit score, have a quiet neighborhood for her girls and ultimately own her own home.  She knew she just had to be patient and pray. Arica has always been a protective mother. She supervises her girls playing in the neighborhood and keeps them active

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Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams is originally from the Champaign area.  She attended Eastern Illinois University and currently works for the University of Illinois. She is a single mother of two boys, ages 10 and 2. “We are all very excited at the prospect of owning our very own home.  It will give us a sense of stability. Living in rented housing is all I’ve ever known. 

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Samathie Young

Samathie Young was born in Champaign but was the child of a military family and moved every year or two.  She has lived everywhere from California to New York, and attended eight different schools.  Because they traveled a lot, she was never able to have a place that she called home. “It was hard for me to finish school because of all the different

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