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Robinson Family

“I was looking for an opportunity to move my family to a place we could call home, says Melanie.  My daughter Asia is a bone marrow recipient and needs stability for her health.  My two younger children don’t want to move when our housing situation has to change again.  They have talked about having a “swing set and a garden in our own yard, and having special occasions at our house”.

Melanie mentions that she was blessed to have had two special people in her life who gave her strength to move forward when the difficulties of Asia’s health concerns were overwhelming.  “My brother Tyrone and my grandmother (both deceased) believed in me and no matter what difficulties came  my way – still kept loving me and cheering me on.  I miss them both- but bless them often for the encouragement to stay focused on my vision for a better life.”

“I am lucky to have a great job at the Concept College of Cosmetology were I get to meet a wide variety of clients who have helped me appreciate the goodness of people in our community” Melanie says.  Despite my steady work, I would not qualify for a traditional loan.  But I know the “love from a higher power” has helped to boost my confidence, and kept me believing I could do this with Habitat.   “I tell my children that hard work and staying focused will help you realize your dreams.  I know that I will be overcome with joy when the volunteers show up and we begin building this home.  I’m so happy and appreciative of the blessing that building this house will provide my family.”