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For sponsoring organizations, building a Habitat for Humanity house offers…

  • An opportunity to realize an organization’s mission, purpose, or goal;
  • A means of revitalizing a neighborhood by adding new life to the community;
  • Reinforcement of community relations through interaction between members of a group as well as meeting other people in the community;
  • An avenue for publicity which enhances an organization’s image in the community and expands customer bases through a demonstration of commitment to diversity;
  • The force for spirit building through bonding people together to complete a community project and work with a family in constructing their home;
  • A team building experience within departments, across functions, throughout an organization working to reach on common goal – to help a family have a home;
  • Reinforcement of group problem-solving skills as well as opportunities for developing group creativity;
  • Relationship-building experiences through networking with other people and integrating newcomers into a group or organization;
  • Collaboration built on improved communication within an organization as well as between organizations; and,
  • Recognition of quality of service as workers learn to pay attention to details, be held accountable, and remain conscientious for the duration of the project.


For individuals, building a Habitat for Humanity house offers…

  • Leadership talent in bringing out diverse functions and skills that lie within an organization;
  • A commitment to service with a direct impact on people in need and personal involvement with individuals served;
  • Building skills in learning new construction techniques or brushing up and honing existing ones; and,
  • The expression of personal values by demonstrating, modeling, and reinforcing such strong principles as belief in the importance of community and recognition of diversity among individuals.

Check out the opportunities and requirements for being a Build Sponsor. Most of all, consider the benefits and the satisfaction that comes from helping others. For more information, or to schedule a presentation, please contact us at development@cuhabitat.org.