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Harris Family

Tiana Harris has always wanted to be a home owner, and her dream of owning a home became even more important when she became a mother to Honcho 6 months ago.  “A Habitat home will help me provide the same sense of stability for my son that my mom provided for me.  My mom purchased a home when I was in first grade.  It has been a blessing to stay in the same house almost my whole life.  I have gotten to know my neighbors over the years and we became just like family.”

Tiana has worked over the past two years for Access Initiative as a Family Enrollment Data Specialist.  She is bi-lingual in Spanish and has studied in Quito, Ecuador and Granada, Spain as an undergraduate student at Eastern Illinois University. Tiana is a mom that works full time, attends classes, and plans to earn her Master’s degree and work in the Global Studies-Study Abroad Program at the University of Illinois.  “I definitely have the travel-bug after studying abroad, and want to help other students take advantage of seeing the world!”

Tiana attends Salem Baptist Church and says she has learned through this experience with Habitat that “anything is possible”.  I’ve learned to have more faith in myself and that I am blessed beyond words.  In the past, I tended to not go after certain jobs or opportunities because I didn’t think I was qualified enough.  This opportunity has changed my way of thinking to be more optimistic and confident.”

“Everyone at Habitat has been so friendly and helpful throughout this process. I definitely feel a part of the Habitat family, not just another person in a program”.

Tiana is looking forward to having her own yard for family gatherings and building relationships with family and friends in her new home.  “I have an overwhelming sense of excitement to be able to provide stability for my son so he can grow up with friends and go to school in the same neighborhood.  I set a goal to have a house and my master’s degree by the time I was 30 and I’m going to be pretty close to achieving both!”