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Larisha Exum

Larisha Exum was born and raised in Champaign, IL. She is the mother of 12 year old twin girls, Ayanna and Alayna, and is employed at the University of Illinois.

“I have always dreamed of becoming a homeowner and in 2011 I set a personal goal of attaining a home within 5 years. I never thought the opportunity would happen this soon, but hard work and prayers have paid off tremendously.

In the past I have had to work two jobs to make ends meet, and saving was not even an option. Now that I am a partner family with Habitat for Humanity not only will I own my home, but I will be able to afford it working one job.  I am going to be able to spend more time with my daughters, and to further my education.  I am proud that this also gives me the opportunity to shine as a role model to my girls. They will see that with determination and prayers, dreams really do come true. I want them to know that even when it seems as though things aren’t going the way you would like, or when there is bump in the road, keep pushing and GREAT things can and will happen.

My daughters and I are very excited and thankful for this wonderful opportunity. I would like to thank everyone in advance for your role in helping me on this wonderful journey.”

Larisha’s family home and will be the 64th Habitat for Humanity Home in Champaign County.