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Nicole Blackwell-Parker

Nicole Blackwell-Parker and her three children are “making it work” in a small two bedroom apartment, but she’ll be happy to move into a new home with Habitat’s help. “I have never really “won” anything in my life— but I feel like I have finally “won something very big” in being selected to build a home with Habitat!”

Recently divorced, and her family income drastically reduced, Nicole is working full time at Christie Clinic, and part time at Bridal Brook Assisted living in Mahomet.  She is also taking classes toward her nursing degree through Parkland College.  As a native of Danville, Nicole continues to attend her home church; New Life Church of Faith– as well as Stone Creek in Urbana.  “We had to move from a rental home into a much smaller apartment, and it’s been a very difficult adjustment. My hope is that this new home will give us all a fresh start to move forward as a family.”

Nicole said, “I have helped several of my friends and relatives build their Habitat homes, and I kept hopeful that my chance might come.  Without opportunities like these, it’s easy to feel helpless and sad when life’s challenges stand in our way.  I have seen that no matter what the struggle– God continues to bless those who don’t give up.”

Nicole has four children who keep her quite busy – Sidney 21, Shaniya 14, Sanaa 7 and Thomas III 2.  The three youngest will be moving into her Habitat home and are so excited to have their own rooms, and a yard to play in with their friends.    

“I expect we will have lots of barbeques with our family and friends and I know that my kids will make some amazing memories in our new family home.  I’m so appreciative of the volunteers, and Habitat “friends” who will be helping build this home.  Without their time and dedication– none of this would be possible.”