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Reed Family

Serlena Reed might not be from Champaign County, but she knows a great place to live when she sees one!  Growing up in Danville, moving to Chicago, then back to Danville, she is happy to now call Champaign “home”.  “I’ve had some challenges in my life.  I had my first child when I was in 9th grade, and started working and moved into my own apartment when I was 16.  I finished high school and have worked as a housekeeper and day care provider before my current job cooking at the Carle Pavilion.  I now have a steady job and health insurance for my family, and I know what hard work is.  Helping to build my own home will just be some more hard work.”

After a house fire, a divorce, and her mom passing– she knew she needed a spiritual base to support her.  She credits Pastor Rickey at Stone Creek Church in Urbana for helping her to cope with all these challenges.  “Pastor Rickey has been a big support– and he is helping me to spread the joy and love with the volunteers who will be building my home.”

Serlena will have three teenagers living in her Habitat home.  Her son Keishawn, nephew Justin, and niece Janay all attend Central High School.  She sought out her opportunity with Habitat when she was tired of renting, moving and “throwing money away that didn’t help improve my home”.  “I got tired of living day by day not knowing if my home was going to be sold or torn down by the landlord.”

As far as what she hopes to experience with the community through this partnership with Habitat, “The volunteers are showing us all love by taking time to help us build this home. We could not do this without them.  I’m looking forward to having my teenagers see how that they can be a part of helping themselves make a better life.”