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Regina Ramsey

Regina Ramsey grew up in Chicago and attended Westinghouse High school.  She often visited her aunt and sister who lived in Champaign and felt like this might be a great place to raise her children.  Champaign-Urbana felt safer than her neighborhood in Chicago and she knew her family support would be an important asset as she continued her education and worked full time supporting her family.

Regina currently works for Community Care as a contracted CNA.  She provides regular home health care to several local families.  She loves the contact with her families and enjoys the flexibility of her schedule to attend to her busy family. 

Three of her four children live with her currently; Shawntel is 17 at Central High School; T-Aire is 7 and attends Prairie Elementary in Urbana; and Makhii is 4 and attends Washington early education program also in Urbana. 

When asked how she got started with Habitat, she says it was “the best kept secret in town”.  Regina met a woman who was involved with Habitat who helped her understand the requirements and the process for becoming a partner family.  “Thank goodness I met her.  She really helped me understand why I was a perfect fit for a Habitat home.”

“I had decided living in an unsafe and expensive apartment was not how I wanted my children to grow up.  Where we live it seems there is always something dangerous, sometimes illegal— or just plain scary going on.  I have to drive my kids to the nearest park for them to play outside.  They can’t ride their bikes alone.  I’m looking forward to being able to sleep through the night without worrying so much about what might happen.” 

Regina believes that her experience with New Horizon will be amazing as her family builds friendships with the volunteers and she learns about what it takes to construct a home.  Her 4-year old son Makhii has said he wants “to build”.  Regina has explained that kids can’t really be on the build site, but Makhii has assured her that “he has tools to help” and that “a hammer fixes everything!”

For her first dinner party in her new Habitat home, Regina would invite someone from Habitat, someone from New Horizon, and someone from her own church.  If Makhii is right, and “a hammer fixes everything”, the Ramsey family will be off to a great start in making their dreams of backyard sleepovers and neighborhood bike rides a reality!

Regina’s home with be the 72nd house built by Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County and in partnership with New Horizon United Methodist Church.