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Rose Family

Heather Rose, one of Habitat’s newest homebuyers says, “I feel like I have ‘won the lottery’ by qualifying for this opportunity to build a home with Habitat. It’s a dream come true. Habitat is doing great things in our community and I am so proud to be a part of it! I’ve worked hard and relied on God to get to this point– and I’m not going to stop trying to show the next family that they can do it too.”

Heather grew up in Champaign-Urbana, and is an active part of the community.  She went to Parkland and Eastern Illinois– graduating with a community health degree, and now works at  Prairie Center in the prevention and education department.  Her goal is to become a wellness life coach and “help people achieve their dreams, by balancing their work/family stress, and always believing in themselves.” She is a volunteer with FirstFollowers Reentry Program and AME High mentoring program. She also coaches youth basketball for First String at the Douglass Center in Champaign.

Heather knows the impact on her two children of moving to their own Habitat home will be significant. “I’ve invested a lot in my children, but we still don’t have our own place to call home. Moving around to local rental properties has been hard on them, and I know they look forward to having a yard to invite family and friends over to play and hangout.”

Busey bank is celebrating their 150th anniversary by partnering with Habitat on the Rose family home. “I’m so excited to be building this home alongside the Busey employees and volunteers. I know we will get to know one another, as we come together to build. I will make sure Busey is proud to have worked with my family as they celebrate 150 years of being a community partner.”