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Tamika Dorris

Tamika Dorris was born and raised in Champaign, and she works for the University of Illinois at the Beckman Institute. She is a single mother with 4 daughters, an adopted son, and guardianship of her young cousin.  Tamika’s mother also lives with her – “Because of all her health issues I have moved my mom in with me so I can care for her. She is in a wheelchair, on a C-Pap machine with oxygen, and she now uses a walker and a lift chair”.

 “All my adult life I have worked 2 jobs to care for my children. I’ve always wanted to own my own home and to have the feeling that all of my hard work as paid off. Getting a Habitat home will not only allow me to be a homeowner but to save for my family’s future.  I made lots of life changes for the good and I was praying that I would get my own home so we can live comfortably and happily.

 It will be such a blessing to have my home handicap accessible. My mom doesn’t go outside and she cancels lots of doctor appointments because she’s afraid she will fall trying to go down the steps. It takes to much energy to get in and out the house. We have no back yard so it’s going to be great to have one for the kids to play in and so my mom can actually go back there and enjoy the weather. As for me I’m just happy to finally be a homeowner. Owning my home has always been a dream I have been too scared to go for. I always doubted myself. Thanks for making my dream come true and helping me to believe in myself.

I don’t see myself as one of the lucky ones with a success story: I see myself as one of the blessed ones with a TESTIMONY. The only words I can say to describe how I feel is “Richly Blessed.””

 Tamika’s family home and will be the 65th Habitat for Humanity Home in Champaign County