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Warkita Wilson

Warkita lived in Champaign as a child.  After moving to East St. Louis for several years, she moved back to Champaign in 1989.  As a young mother, she knew she wanted to be closer to her family, and wanted to raise her children in a safer place. Warkita has two sons ages 11and 9. She also has a daughter who will graduate from college in 2014 with a degree in Elementary Education.

She has worked as a manager at Off-track Betting for eleven years.  She loves her job and looks at her co-workers as her ‘family outside of my family’.  Warkita’s current housing situation is livable but not safe anymore.  She said, “I don’t sleep with any peace of mind and I know that my kids can’t play outside safely.  My ceiling keeps falling in my apartment.  There have been four managers over the past couple of years and several maintenance people.  I want peace of mind where my boys can go outside and play.  Finally, the train that goes by my apartment is very loud and distracting.

Warkita said, “I want my kids to understand the value of hard work.  They see me work hard and go to work every day.  They see that hard work and dedication does   pay off. More than anything,  I want a home that is safe– and ours.”

When asked what three people Warkita would invite to dinner in her new home, she said “First my daughter, I want her to come home.  I would then invite my dad because he has supported me and my boys.  Finally I would invite Ms. Regina and Coach Tori.  Ms. Regina runs the after school program my boys attend and Coach Tori is the boys’ basketball coach.  I trust Coach Tori and thank her for all the support she has given my boys.  She is a beautiful person.”

Warkita said being a Habitat partner means a chance for stability for her family.  She said, “I am proud of myself, and all that I have worked hard to provide for my family.  There will be worries, but it will be my responsibility to manage them.    I am proud of my family because we have exciting things going on.  My boys are doing great in school and have overcome their struggles.  We are focused on helping each other and building each other up.  Our new home will give us a place to build on our dreams.”

When asked what she would like to say to the volunteers, Warkita said: “I would like to thank everyone for their free time because it is not easy being a volunteer.  Building and working on our home will hopefully teach the volunteers as well as me.  I am looking forward to the volunteers becoming a part of my family.”

Warkita’s home will be the 71st home built by Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County.