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Wilson Family

Born and raised in the Garden Hills neighborhood of north Champaign, Nakeshia Wilson grew up playing in the neighborhood with her friends.  She says she has stayed here in the area because it feels like a “family oriented, working community”.  She has enjoyed raising her children with the diversity in C-U and tells them all the time that “positive choices” are really important.

Since graduating from Centennial High School, Nakeshia has been working most recently as a cook in the Ikenberry Commons residence hall on the University of Illinois campus. She thoroughly enjoys cooking and has been known for her amazing lasagna meals.  “I really do love cooking and entertaining friends and family.  Our new Habitat home will be a wonderful place for them to all come together.”

Nakeshia Wilson and her children Joshua (9) and Nyla (4) had been living in her mother’s home for several years as she worked her way back to financial stability.  “Living with my mom was a lifesaver because we didn’t many options at the time.  But now that I am back on my feet, I am so thankful for this opportunity to take control of my life with Habitat.  I have been through a lot– and I know that when we complete this home, I will feel very accomplished and successful.  I’ve worked since I was 14 so I’m not afraid of hard work; and I know this opportunity is a blessing that will bring greater stability to our family.  My kids will be able to have sleepovers and invite their friends to their home and enjoy themselves.

“I really want my kids to see that if they have patience– and work hard—they can do whatever they want to.  I am blessed to have the volunteers and Habitat giving my family this opportunity.  I look forward to living in a safe and stable home of our own, and giving my children a chance for a bright future.”