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Young Family

For the past four years, Tiffini Young has worked at Carle Hospital as a Certified Medical Assistant in the Pediatric Special Needs department, a job that she enjoys since she loves being around kids. It was at Carle that Tiffini first found out about Habitat for Humanity, through a co-worker who was a Habitat homeowner herself.  With the encouragement of her friends, family, and coworkers, Tiffini applied to the Habitat program and was soon accepted.

When Tiffini was in the 4th grade she moved to Rantoul from the Chicago suburbs and that is where she currently lives with her four children, ages 11, 6, 5 and 4. When asked about her kids she describes them as “pretty cool”, “a class clown”, “bossy…thinks she is Mom #2”, and “super sweet.” She has enjoyed raising her children in Rantoul, but Tiffini is looking forward to purchasing her new Habitat home in Urbana where she will be so close to her work. She is excited to make the transition from renter to home owner, saying “I have always rented, since I was old enough to start renting places on my own. The kids and I are very excited to have a home of our own.”

Along with being a mom and working full-time Tiffini is also a second-year student at Parkland College. She has very little free time but when she does, Tiffini likes to spend quality time with her family, friends, and kids. When asked about who she would invite to the first dinner at her new house, Tiffini would choose to invite her parents and co-workers, who have been her cheerleaders, motivating and encouraging her throughout the Habitat process.

Says Tiffini “I greatly appreciate everything that everyone (friends, volunteers, sponsors) has done, and will continue to do to help me and my family. We greatly appreciate it and we are going to enjoy this experience.  I did not really realize before how much time people take out of their lives to help us build. It really is a wonderful opportunity!”