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Young Family

Tinisha and her mother Dorothy have been living together and raising Tinisha’s three children, Derrick (19), Kyana (17) and Kamari (7) in public housing for what they call “too long”. They both shudder at the crime, disregard for property and vermin (snakes, opossums and raccoons) that have existed in their neighborhood. We have lived in public housing for the past 30 years, and we’d really like to live in a better home that we can take care of ourselves.”

Tinisha has lots of familiarity with Habitat as her daughter’s godmother is a Habitat homeowner. Her aunt and uncle were one of the early Habitat homeowners in Champaign County. “I have always hoped I could be a Habitat homeowner. I want a better life for my kids, and I want to show them that they can do better in life with the right support.” Owning a home would be a great step in showing them this kind of stability.”

Tinisha operates a state approved daycare in her home so that she can provide support from her elderly mother and disabled nineteen year old son. She looks forward to building her home with the volunteers this summer and is thankful for the blessing that she expects will come from their efforts. “We will be able to have barbeques in our new yard and feel safer and finally ‘at home’.”