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Breshauna Huff

After growing up in Urbana as a child and serving the community as an adult, Breshauna Huff is set to become a first-time homeowner in her beloved hometown. She will share her Habitat home with her two-year-old daughter—a feisty, intelligent little girl, and her sweet, baseball-loving eleven-year-old son. This homebuilding experience is her biggest blessing, Breshauna says—aside from her two wonderful children.

Breshauna’s Habitat experience has been particularly special, as it was inspired by her mother’s own Habitat journey 15 years ago. Breshauna has seen first-hand the uplifting powers of the home build and is excited to share this joy with her own kids.

“The fact that we will have stability, and we won’t have to move from house to house…It will be a weight off my shoulders,” Breshauna said.

She has worked hard for her family’s stability—first as a dedicated employee at MTD, then at Carle Hospital, and now at University of Illinois Housing. A building service worker of four years, she has a strong, warm relationship with the students she encounters.

Breshauna’s hard work and this unique Habitat opportunity have been a perfect pairing. She appreciates how the program is designed to help people who are not in a position to take out large bank loans. At Habitat, her work ethic and dedication are her most valuable currency—and she has plenty of it. Breshauna strives to lead by example for her children.

“I want my son to learn that anything you want to do, you can do it,” she said. Perseverance pays off.”

Breshauna is motivated by her family in all things. She is looking forward to hosting her loved ones in her new home—particularly her mother, who is her biggest supporter. Between her loving family, her beautiful home, and her newfound stability, Breshauna cannot help but to feel deeply grateful for her journey thus far.

“I am not lucky,” she said. “I am blessed.”

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