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Carter Family

Corisna Carter, a Champaign native and Centennial graduate, has been working for the past 2 ½ years at CSL Plasma as a Quality Specialist. Prior to that, Corisna was employed as a CNA, working at nursing homes in the community. Corisna has two boys, a 20-year-old who she describes as “hardworking and always inspiring to better himself,” and an 11-year-old that she says, “is big-hearted with big dreams.” Corisna is passionate about working to strengthen her beloved community and through the Habitat homebuilding process she hopes her children will see and experience first-hand the importance of giving back and volunteering.

As a busy mother, Corisna loves spending her free time reading, traveling, and taking naps. She learned about Habitat through other local families that she knows who are Habitat homeowners themselves. Corisna is very-much looking forward to enjoying the stability that becoming a Habitat homeowner provides:  “I envision our lives being more stable. We won’t have to worry about moving if a landlord decides they want to sell the property or raise the rent.”

Corisna’s most enjoyable parts of the Habitat experience, so far, have been looking at available lots to choose the perfect place to build her new home and volunteering her time at the ReStore. “If it wasn’t for programs like Habitat, some people would never experience homeownership” says Corisna. “My kids and I are forever grateful for everyone’s hard work and dedication!”  

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