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Chelonda Green

Chelonda Green has aspirations.  She hopes to become a homeowner like her mother and grandmother, and to further her career in the health care field by becoming an LPN. She currently works for Homecare Solutions as a home health care provider.  In addition to working full time and raising two children, Chelonda is in school studying to be a Licensed Practical Nurse. Although she grew up in Peoria, Chelonda spent some of her childhood in Champaign and has lived here for the past 9 years.  She hopes that being a homeowner will provide an opportunity for stability.  “I want my children to know what it feels like to be in a safe and steady environment that they can call their own.  My family and I have been through a lot and to have the stability and comfort of their own home will make a big difference in their lives.” Chelonda is very proud of her two children.  Her oldest daughter Azaria is 14 and will be attending Centennial High School in the fall.  Azaria plays on an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball team and is busy playing most Saturdays.  Her son Dayvion is 3 and already loves basketball himself. Even at 3 he’s been known to show some pretty impressive skills on his mini-hoop court.  When Chelonda is not working or following Azaria’s AAU basketball travel team, they attend New Foundation Missionary Church in Champaign. The Green Family found out about the Habitat program through several friends and Habitat partner families.  They encouraged Chelonda to get her credit “together” and look into the opportunity of becoming a partner family herself. Since both her mother and grandmother have owned homes, Chelonda mentions what a “blessing it is to own a home.  It’s not someone else’s’ apartment, but a place I can decorate, fix up and make my own.”  She adds, “My mom and I are pretty handy so I expect she will be helping me with lots of decorating and designing once we move in!” As far as expressing her gratitude toward the volunteers who will be helping Chelonda build her home, she says, “no amount of thank you’s will be enough to express my gratitude toward them for taking time out of their schedules to help me build my home. The volunteers from Habitat will be helping my family become stable.  The fact that we will own the home makes me very proud!“